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This mybloglog.mini-news.com has space for 100 iframe-based "Face Ads", each of which points only to specific page or blog post, rather than to main websites' URL. New ads are inserted to the top-left corner, shifting the previous ones to the bottom.

To submit your news tips, you need to be a registered user of MyBlogLog.com (signup is FREE), and member of my Mybloglog-News community (just click there the button "Join"). Simply leave a short message in that community with headline and link of your news.
"Cool idea about inventing bicycle!" by YourName.

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Another thing worths noting.
I insert only human photo ads, - not avatars or logos!!!
If your Mybloglog image is not a clear photo of your face, please add to your message the line with corresponding location, e.g.,
  Photo: http://mysite.com/me.jpg

All my websites are created under my real name, with using my real photos, and ideally, I would prefer to see REAL faces in my community!
I understand that checking identity of anonymous virtual communities is difficult, but..

Gentlemen, please don't use pictures of pretty women instead of your own pictures!
Ladies, please don't use pictures of top models!
My community and I want to see your real faces!

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First priority for reading are websites in my community. But obviously, I cannot guarantee that ALL your news ads will appear on this page. I'm not an automatic inserter of all incoming messages, like forums. I am a READER who wants to find the most interesting news!
I also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend my project: For financial reasons, at this stage I cannot guarantee that this service will be supported for years. If you want the guarantees, as well as full control over your ad minipages, including their hosting and updating at your own web location, you should sponsor the Mini-News.

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